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Safe Investment Centre is an Investment and Financial planning firm having an ample experience in the asset management / investment sector combining expertise of MBAs, and Financial Planners. We deal in:

  • LIC
  • Mutual Funds
  • Systematic Investment Plan
  • Mediclaim

Mutual Fund: In a world where investing in the financial markets is a critical piece of our retirement planning, college savings, and healthcare balances, mutual funds – pooled investments under professional management – are becoming ubiquitous for the individual investor. Rather than picking stocks and managing money, mutual funds aggregate funds from many thousands of small investors and maintain a stated, disciplined investment strategy.


Benefits of Investing in Mutual Fund

  • More choice. Mutual funds offer a variety of schemes that will suit your needs over a lifetime. When you enter a new stage in your life, all you need to do is sit down with your financial advisor who will help you to rearrange your portfolio to suit your altered lifestyle.
  • Affordability. As a small investor, you may find that it is not possible to buy shares of larger corporations. Mutual funds generally buy and sell securities in large volumes which allow investors to benefit from lower trading costs. The smallest investor can get started on mutual funds because of the minimal investment requirements. You can invest with a minimum of Rs.500 in a Systematic Investment Plan on a regular basis.
  • Tax benefits. Investments held by investors for a period of 12 months or more qualify for capital gains and will be taxed accordingly. These investments also get the benefit of indexation.
  • Liquidity. With open-end funds  you can redeem all or part of your investment any time you wish and receive the current value of the shares. Funds are more liquid than most investments in shares, deposits and bonds. Moreover  the process is standardised, making it quick and efficient so that you can get your cash in hand as soon as possible
  • Rupee-cost averaging. With rupee-cost averaging, you invest a specific rupee amount at regular intervals regardless of the investments unit price. As a result, your money buys more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high, which can mean a lower average cost per unit over time. Rupee-cost averaging allows you to discipline yourself by investing every month or quarter rather than making sporadic investments
  • Transparency. The performance of a mutual fund is reviewed by various publications and rating agencies, making it easy for investors to compare fund to another. As a unit holder, you are provided with regular updates, for example daily NAVs, as well as information on the funds holdings and the fund managers strategy.
  • Regulations. All mutual funds are required to register with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). They are obliged to follow strict regulations designed to protect investors. All operations are also regularly monitored by the SEBI.

    Systematic Investment Plan: Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a simple, time-honored strategy designed to help investors accumulate wealth in a disciplined manner over the long period of time and plan a better future for them. This disciplined approach of investing provides with the following benefits:

    • Power of Compounding
    • Rupee Cost Averaging
    • Convenience



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    Our Mission

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    Our Vision

    To be a leader and role model in a broad based and integrated financial services business.

    Our Values

    • Integrity
    • Commitment
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    • Speed